Pristine And Peaceful On The Italian Island Of Pianosa

If you have the chance to visit Pianosa at least once, always try to go back as soon as the opportunity arises! Located in sparkling Tyrrhenian waters off Tuscany, Pianosa is one of the smallest islands in the Tuscan archipelago.

Geologically, this is the only flat and barren island of the Tuscany archipelago. The main point is only 20 meters high, so its temperature is always higher than the other islands. Pianosa has a flat terrain with a coastline of just 22km, boasting beautiful cliffs and spectacular snorkelling sites. Today, the island is uninhabited but there is a lot of Italian marine life in the marine reserve as well as migratory birds and small terrestrial mammals. Ruined buildings make up the bulk of the tourist attraction, with intact city walls, gates and towers offering impressive, picturesque vistas.

To visit Pianosa Island, you can take a boat from the ports of Marina di Campo, Marciana Marina and Porto Azzurro. An Italian tourist destination, the island can be visited in limited numbers and through guided tours for a fee, so a tour is required in advance.

Explore the island of Pianosa

Pianosa is not only a beautiful island but also a unique island in its history and location. Visitors to Pianosa will have the opportunity to explore many wonderful aspects of this special place as well as to explore the unspoiled nature of this part of the world.

The island was first inhabited at the end of the Stone Age. The remaining Roman monument is a mansion, theatre, and crypt. Between the 12th and 13th centuries, Pisa and Genoa contested for the island due to its strategic location off its coast. The only residents are a few policemen, the family of a guard, and the two or three convicts are on probation. All that stands out are the prison and the prison museum, a few houses, restaurants and Roman ruins. As a result, the entire island gives the feel of a ghost town and can be quite spooky.

The island is protected from environmental change and destruction. Only allow sustainable development and concern for the environment, historical and artistic heritage is closely monitored. Transport and fishing are not allowed within one mile of the coast.

These factors make Pianosa Island an extremely peaceful place with intact natural beauty. The unique unspoiled landscape and man-made structures are fascinating ruins of history. The ocean floor offers a diverse marine environment with aquatic floral species such as Posidonia oceanic, and fish species such as giant tubers, salemas, common tuna, striped mullet, barramundi, morays, lobsters, grouper, and so many more.

The main attractions of Pianosa

Pianosa cannot be considered an island like the others in the area because it doesn’t have any of the other usual shops or tourist attractions. What you will find here is a peaceful and unique atmosphere. Forget the tourist attractions, what makes Pianosa really special is the atmosphere and the emotions it evokes in the heart of visitors, causing them to come back again and again.

It’s an easy excursion that anyone can take across the hinterland on the island of Pianosa, where you can still see dry rock walls, past farmland, and other buildings which created the old prison. Your guide will accompany you on the geological tour, and when you stop along the path surrounded by Mediterranean bushes you can admire the view of the coastline while learning about the formation of fossils and endemism of Pianosa.

The next stop is Belvedere, the highest part of the island where there is a great view of the surroundings, then the ruins of Villa di Agrippa Postumo on Cala Giovanna’s beach where you can swim. Take a quick dip in the beautiful sea before heading back to the mainland.


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