Visit the Beautiful Cours Saleya Flower Market in Nice, France

Exploring the flower market is not one of the new experiences, however, visiting the Cours Saleya flower market offers another interesting thing for you when coming to Nice.

Cours Saleya flower market is an outdoor market located in Nice, France, between Massena Square and the ancient citadel. This market has a unique tradition and colour characteristic of Nice. Visiting the Cours Saleya flower market is very convenient as it is located only a short walk from famous beaches and the famous Promenade des Anglais.

Along with the strongly developed commodity market today, a series of supermarkets have emerged to meet the needs of people. Previously, this Cours Saleya market was an old stronghold and after being demolished it became the main walking space for people. From the 1700s, this place gradually became a busy and popular market, people came to shop more for a variety of different goods.

To this day, the Cours Saleya flower market is still a very attractive place to visit and choose the best products. The market can be considered a “jewel” of the city which you can visit on weekends with a variety of goods on display.

Visit the colourful Cours Saleya flower market

Visiting the Cours Saleya flower market, you can admire the colourful flowers that are spoiled for choice. Among the flowers, rows of stalls are selling fresh vegetables and foods. It is easy for visitors to have a sensory overload whilst walking around the market!

On the way, you can enjoy the most delicious and famous dishes from the seafood restaurants with a variety of dishes such as shrimp, crab, fish, and squid.

This is the macaron and lavender cake lovers’ paradise. Tourists come here to buy snacks before going to the beach. Macaron cake is known as the “king of the pastry world” with its soft, fragrant, and crispy flavour when eaten, making diners excited to visit France. When you visit the Cours Saleya flower market, you will enjoy the unique and wonderful flavours of this cake with all kinds of flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, olive, grapes, plum, and apples.

Any flower shop at the flower market sells this flower, the symbol of France, lavender. France is a country with endless lavender fields and is the ideal place for any photographer to visit. That is why most of the people who come here want to own a bouquet of lavender flowers. The scent of this flower can make tourists fall in love.

Lavender purple blends with the diverse colours of other flowers like the rainbow at this Cours Saleya flower market! You will also find Clematis (Old Man flower), Viburnum (Wisteria), and other colourful flowers here.

Besides, this place also has the freshest agricultural products and fruits, so when you visit the Cours Saleya flower market you can enjoy the freshest fruits! With a temperate climate and year-round sunshine, the orange and tangerine fields grow and bring the most delicious fruits in the region.

If you want to visit the Cours Saleya flower market, you should visit from Tuesday to Sunday. On Monday, there will be an antique fair. This is also one of the interesting things and the same way for farmers to have a day off, and help other traders to trade and do business at the market.

You should also not miss the shops along the walkway of the market to enjoy a coffee or the famous restaurants. From past to present, the Cours Saleya flower market has always been a place attracting not only locals and surrounding areas but also tourists from all over the world to experience and explore.

Coming to Nice and visiting the Cours Saleya flower market is truly an exciting journey for you in the summer! Enjoy the wonderful things that this city has to offer, you can feel such an exposed and passionate love! Immediately add to the itinerary a visit to the Cours Saleya flower market for your upcoming French tour!

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